Cats like frogs

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catfish taste like fish

  Hi welcome to catfish news.   In New York, the channel catfish is found in Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Lake Champlain, Oneida Lake, and their larger tributaries and in the Finger Lakes, the Canal System, the St. Lawrence drainage, and the Niagara River. Most channel catfish caught in New York usually weigh 2-4 pounds, […]

Parkor gets students fit

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Football team ready for new season

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Finding Nemo?

Is Nemo on this planet still and why wasnt he in Toy Story? Andrew Stanton, the man behind the scripts for Toy Story, Toy Story 2, A Bug’s Life and Monsters Inc. (the last of which he also directed), has now written and directed Pixar’s latest CGI adventure, ‘Finding Nemo’, in which he repeats his […]

Paintballing goes with a bang!

  Squad leader Michael Marks kneels, hidden by trees, surveying his target through the night-vision scope on his weapon, a paintball gun modded to look like an M4 rifle. He’s watching a cluster of concrete buildings about 50 yards away. Signal flares sputter in the streets. Armed men dart between shadows. Marks touches his neck […]

Conkers ain’t Bonkers

The game of conkers is ages old. Using the dark brown horse chestnuts, not to be confused with the smaller chestnut, you can have hours of fun trying to smash apart your opponent’s conker. The game of conkers, also called conker fighting, involves trying to smash your opponent’s conker which is suspended at the end […]

Once in a life time – life in Peru

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Sixth Form Awards Evening is a triumph

Students, parents and teachers celebrated Concrete’s Awards evening on Thursday 22 January.  It was a night to remember for all who attended, with over 90 awards on the night. Tilly Willy, ex British Commonwealth and World Boxing champion presented the prizes and spoke to students about achieving one’s goals in life.  Tilly is launching his […]

The White Ribbon – a German Classic

The White Ribbon is a ghost story without a ghost, a whodunnit without a denouement, a historical parable without a lesson, and for two and a half hours, this unforgettably disturbing and mysterious film leads its viewers alongside an abyss of anxiety. It has chilling brilliance and icy exactitude, filmed in black and white with […]