Our thoughts

Global Warming is really a big problem we have to deal with nowadays, because it has the potential to change forever our lives and our planet’s environment as we know them, and this would affect the whole mankind. There are huge social, political, and economic issues that will rise if we don’t do something to stop the skyrocketing rise of the temperatures.

There is a debate about who is (or are) to blame for this dangerous phenomenon: what are the causes of global warming? Are them the industry CO2 emissions? Are them other gases, maybe made by animals or producted in another natural way, anyway? Is it the whole mankind itself, with its own way of using and abusing the planet Earth?
We think it does not really matter, because the problem exists (yes, global warming is REAL and it is happening) and is useless to look for someone to blame for it: instead, we need to ACT: everybody should do what is in his/her possibilities to DO something: we as humanity can still slow down the rising of temperature on the planet.

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